Alla Wine and Beer Thermometer

$10.00 $13.00

With a range of 0°C to 110°C and an overall length of 26cm, this premium Alla Floating Thermometer can be used by both beer and winemakers. It is a dual purpose beer and wine thermometer.

If using it for boiling purposes, it would be wise to take it out beforehand it reaches full boil to minimize the small possibility of smashing the glass

  • Premium glass construction
  • 0° C – 110° C (32° F – 225° F)
  • 20 mm x 295mm (29.5cm/11.6" long)
  • Red Liquid Filled
  • Partial immersion
  • A clearer scale with the new wider body
  • Coloured zones indicating recommended temperatures
  • Made in France by ALLA Instruments at the Chemillé factory
  • Includes a plastic case


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