Angostura Orange Bitters

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Made from its own special recipe, Angostura Orange Bitters is a complex blend of tropical oranges and spices. “The soul of an exceptional dry martini”; it is wonderfully versatile and pairs perfectly with vodka, gin, and whisky. It also adds a depth of flavour to rum cocktails. This is arguably the best and most commonly-found bitter in every bar around the world. Angostura Orange Bitters is made from the peels of sun-ripened Caribbean oranges grown in lush, green orchards located in Trinidad. These oranges are hand-picked by select citrus growers and harvested only within the rainy season to ensure ultimate freshness and taste.

Its complexity and layers of flavour also make it a culinary must-have ingredient. A perfect accompaniment to savoury sauces, seafood and chocolate.
  • Drinks International Annual Bar Report 2018 named Angostura bitters the “Number 1 Selling Bitters” and the “Number 1 Trending Bitters”
  • The original 1930's classic Gin martini calls for orange bitters.
  • Best when used with clear spirits such as Gin, Vodka and White Rum but not limited to this.
  • A direct and convenient substitute for orange zest in all food and drink recipes.
  • Essential in savoury sauces such as barbeque and remoulades.
  • Excellent in savoury dishes, seafood in particular (shrimp and shellfish).
  • Made in Trinidad & Tobago
  • ABV 28%
  • 100mL or 200mL bottle