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Bag in a Box Wine Filler Adapter

$10.00 $20.00

As many home winemakers do, you can remove the spouts on your wine bags and fill them using a standard bottle filler or auto-siphon. Home winemakers have been using this method for years to fill bags, however, each time normally results in drops or splashes of wine everywhere.

This convenient Bag in a Box Wine Filler Adapter attachment is a great gravity option using standard syphon equipment to make filling wine bags a breeze. Snaps on the tap spout for easy filling… simply hook up the end of your siphon hose to this adapter, start your siphon, and you can effortless start filling your wine bags. When you’re satisfied with the level of fill, turn the valve on the adapter to stop the flow of wine… switch it to your next bag, flip the valve back on, and it will start filling again.

  • No more frustration filling wine bags
  • Works with the VITOP wine spouts
  • Will work on new or used bags/spouts
  • Great for not only filling wine bags, but cleaning them afterwards with water!
  • Exceptionally simple to set up as well as clean this connector.
  • Includes one (1) adapter; bags or spouts not included.