Bibi Bitter Aperitivo Soda


With half the sugar as the Italian sodas of old and made with honest, fresh-fruit flavours it's easy to love, easy to mix, easy to share these Bibi Bitter Aperitivo Sodas. A classic ‘rosso-amaro’ red, blood orange infusion of bittersweet herbs, spices & selected roots with a fresh, brighter citrusy twist. Less syrupy-sweet than typical rosso-amaro bitters, no preservatives, no artificial colours, and only 70 calories per can. Made with premium all natural flavours sourced from a hundred year old artisanal flavour house in Italy that produces the world’s best selling chinotto sodas. It's made with cane sugar, not with the more common glucose fructose used in many bitter sodas.

These Bibi sparkling non-alcoholic cocktails are top-notch on their own or can be used a cocktail mixer (with or without alcohol).

  • Non-alcoholic sparkling Italian aperitivo
  • Great on it's own with a large ice cube or as a mix
  • Notes: Citrus, Bitter, Sweet
  • Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Natural Herb And Fruit Extracts, Citric Acid, Quinine, Sodium Benzoate, Allura Red, Sunset Yellow FCF
  • Origin: Toronto, Ontario
  • 0% Alcohol
  • 237mL can size
  • 6-Pack (each pack includes 6x 237mL cans)


Barkeep General Store, located in Penticton, BC and online, is a proud stockist of Bibi Sparking Non-Alcoholic Cocktails.