Dillon's Small Batch Distillers

Dillon's Hot Pepper Bitters

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These Dillon's Hot Pepper Bitters are made using peppers from Dillon's very own gardens; habanero, jalapeño, and Hungarian hot wax peppers. Combined with the fragrant and spicy aroma of red peppercorns and long pepper plus the tartness of lemon. An obvious choice for the classic Caesar or Bloody Mary, but also a great way to add heat without altering flavours. Try these in a margarita and fruit-based cocktails.

  • Made in Niagara, Ontario
  • Small batch production
  • Add a dash to your favourite cocktail to add complexity.
  • Created from only natural botanicals & local hot peppers.
  • Tasting notes: medium spice bitters, tempered by a hint of sweetness, citrus zest, and a fresh acidity.
  • ABV 50%
  • 100mL bottle