Enolmatic Bottle Filler Vacuum Regulator Hose


Refurbish your Enolmatic bottle holder and make it look new again with a fresh hose!

This Enolmatic Bottle Filler Vacuum Regulator Hose is the black replacement hose for your bottle filler vacuum vessel. Often times the hoses will get dry, dirty inside, or brittle; this inexpensive hose will keep your unit functioning smoothly while keeping it look brand new.

  • Genuine Enolmatic replacement part manufactured by TENCO in Italy.
  • Enolmatic Repair Part Number: #5.11
  • High-Quality Materials: Made in Italy, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly with Enolmatic bottling systems.
  • Precision Engineering: Ensures optimal performance and reliability.
  • Enhanced Bottling Efficiency: Upgrades and maintains your bottling system for maximum productivity.
  • Reliable Performance: Quality parts reduce the risk of downtime due to equipment failure.
  • Easy Integration: Parts are designed for easy installation and compatibility with your Enolmatic system.
  • Includes one (1) hose.


Barkeep General Store, located in Penticton, BC and online, is a proud authorized dealer of Enolmatic. We carry all parts to repair or refurbish Enolmatic Bottle Fillers.