Estate Series Malbec Wine Kit


Vine Co Estate Series wine kits are the perfect choice. Selected from the world’s most renowned wine growing regions, and made with the highest quality juices and concentrates, it’s love at first sip. This Estate Series Malbec Wine Kit delivers a fantastic sip each and every time.

Wine Kitz Penticton is a proud authorized dealer of Wine Co wine kits. We can make you wine here at our Penticton store or you can buy a kit to bring home and make it yourself. Come see us today to start or buy your wine kit in Penticton!

Sweetness: Dry
Oak: Heavy
Body: Full
Alcohol: 13.5%
Notes of black plum, clove and charred wood.
Ready to bottle in just 6 weeks.
Volume: 10L
Approximate Yield: 23L / 6 US Gal (approx. 29-31 bottles)
Bottles, corks, and labels not included