Fee Brothers

Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters


Feeling nutty? We got just what you need then! Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters is a welcome addition to the maple-syrup enjoyed in a Bourbon Old Fashioned. Black Walnut Bitters is used by craft-cocktail mixers in drinks such as the Bittersweet Truth and Autumn Leaves, can be added to chocolate liqueurs, and is delicious in culinary preparations including ice cream, sorbet and chutneys. Great for foods, salads and sodas!

Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters are nutty and rich, with a warm sweet foundation and a very gentle bitter finish. Almost a root beer bitter for this profile, this bitter is at home in Old Fashioneds, Hot Toddies, mulled wine, red Sangrias or as a float on egg white frothed Sours. Black Walnut Bitters bring a robust nut flavor to the rack behind your bar.

  • 150 mL (5oz) bottle
  • Tasting Notes: Candied walnut, rich molasses, root beer, sassafras, toasty, caramelized, sweet with very mild bitterness.
  • Ingredients: Water, glycerin, black walnut flavour and other natural and artificial flavours.
  • ABV: 21%
  • Made in Rochester, New York.


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