Fee Brothers

Fee Brothers Habanero Bitters


With a garden-fresh essence, Fee Brothers Habanero Bitters go well beyond mere heat, infusing each sip with a vibrant burst of tantalizing flavor.

These habanero cocktail bitters are Fee Brother's 21st flavor of Bitters from the brand, which has been in operation since 1864. Habanero Bitters provides a vibrant burst of heat and flavor, using habanero peppers to deliver a captivating and versatile taste experience. Habanero Bitters pairs well with many different spirits, lending a garden-fresh infusion to drinks.

  • 150 mL (5 oz) bottle
  • Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Natural Flavors (Alcohol, Water, Natural Flavors), and Tartaric Acid.
  • Made in Rochester, New York.


Barkeep General Store, located in Penticton and online, is a proud authorized dealer of Fee Brothers cocktail bitters. We stock the entire line of Fee Brothers products!

 “We chose habanero for its beautiful, brilliant heat - it’s spicy without burning, and elevates cocktails while allowing mixologists to choose just their preferred level of spiciness.” -Product Development Manager, Fee Brothers