Fee Brothers

Fee Brothers Orange Bitters


Feeling like bringing out the "orange zest" notes in your drink? Fee Brothers Orange Bitters will make everything bright and orangey! Delicious scent of orange lollipops with taste of sweet and bitter orange marmalade, it delivers an aromatic and flavourful boost to cocktails and mocktails alike. The soft, citrusy notes add complexity to everything from a simple gin and a tonic to a sophisticated martini. The fine flavour of this aromatic and versatile product is obtained mainly from oranges grown in the West Indies. With only a few dashes used per cocktail, bitters offer great value as one bottle lasts a long time!

The effect of Bitters in a drink is to balance, round out and complex the flavor. Your mouth has taste receptors for sour, sweet, and salty; and it has a receptor for bitter! The more receptors triggered as a drink tickles on the way down, the more interesting and "better" the drink. You know you have used Bitters correctly when the person enjoying the drink says, "Wow, there is something going on in the background of that drink". Consider that the ultimate compliment.

  • 150 mL Bottle
  • Made in the USA
  • Ingredients: Water, glycerin, oil of bitter orange terpeneless, Gentian and other natural flavours.