Fermtech Triple Scale Hydrometer


This Fermtech Triple Scale Hydrometer is a premium-grade glass hydrometer and an essential tool for any winemaker, beermaker, or mead maker. This well made hydrometer helps you easily calculate alcohol percentage (ABV). Graduated color bands help you know the fermenting progress, it's very precise and easy to use.

This hydrometer allows you to measure vital information on your home quickly and accurately, which means you can feel confident making wine, beer, mead, and kombucha at home. Since spirits are generally over 20% alcohol, this hydrometer will not work. You can purchase a spirits (liquor) hydrometer here.

  • Glass
  • Easy to read, color-coded scales
  • Measures specific gravity from 0.99-1.17, brix/balling from 0-35 and potential alcohol by volume from 0%-20%.
  • Each purchase includes:
    • (1) Triple Scale Glass Hydrometer
    • (1) Micro cloth
    • (1) case


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