Fruiron Fig Halves Cocktail Garnish


Garnish grandly and mindfully with statement making Fruiron Fig Halves. These Fruiron Fig Halves Cocktail Garnish dehydrate perfectly ripened, fresh, figs concentrates the fruit’s complex, sweet taste and fruity aroma while making them shelf stable. These fig halves make a perfect cocktail garnish as is, or you can freeze them in ice cubes to really enhance the visuals of your cocktail!

Reduce waste, reduce cost, and reduce workload with these beautiful, purple garnishes. Moistening releases the fruit’s full potential so add their unexpected hue and appealing chewy texture to a Mediterranean Mule and Figgy Champagne Cocktail. Roast with duck and rosemary, puree with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a coulis, and chop into a spinach salad.

  • 100g bag
  • Add a pop of color, fruity aroma, and flavor
  • Dehydrated fruits bring a new dimension to cocktails
  • Advanced freeze drying process removes all water from the fresh fruit, leaving behind all minerals and the true essence of the fruit, with a light and crispy texture.