Fruiron Lime Rounds Cocktail Garnish


Garnish grandly and mindfully with statement making Fruiron Lime Rounds. These Fruiron Lime Rounds Cocktail Garnish dehydrate perfectly ripened, fresh, limes concentrates the fruit’s tangy taste and fragrant aroma while making them shelf stable. Reduce waste, reduce cost, and reduce workload. Moistening these lime rounds releases the fruit’s full essence so add their unexpected look and appealing chewy texture to a traditional Gimlet and classic Gin and Tonic, or finish off a Green Tea Mo-tea-to or Lime Rickey zestfully. If you want to use in the kitchen, you can top off key lime bars, skewer with grilled shrimp, and serve alongside cilantro rice and guacamole.

Add character and style to your next cocktails by including these freeze dried Fruiron Lime Rounds Cocktail Garnishes! 

  • 100g bag
  • Add a pop of color, nice citrus aroma, and flavor
  • Dehydrated fruits bring a new dimension to cocktails
  • Advanced freeze drying process removes all water from the fresh fruit, leaving behind all minerals and the true essence of the fruit, with a light and crispy texture.