Fruiron Mandarin Rounds Cocktail Garnish


Elevate your cocktail garnishing-game with these Fruiron Mandarin Rounds. The Fruiron Mandarin Rounds Cocktail Garnish dehydrate perfectly ripened, fresh, mandarin oranges that concentrates the fruit’s delicious flavour and aroma while making them shelf stable. Reduce waste, reduce cost, and reduce workload by using these to garnish your next cocktail!

Moistening releases the fruit’s full essence so add their unexpected look and appealing chewy texture to a citrusy Mandarin Gin Fizz or a refreshing Mandarin Mojito. Finish off a Champagne Cocktail in style. Cut them into small pieces and bake into apple crisp, toss into baked goods, or mix into chicken salad with walnuts and dried cranberries.

  • 250g bag
  • NOTE: Fruiron is switching to a matte black package and not a clear bag, so packaging may be different than what's pictured here.; Product and size are identical.