Fruiron Orange Rounds Cocktail Garnish


Garnish grandly and mindfully with statement-making dehydrated orange rounds from Fruiron. Fruiron Orange Rounds Cocktail Garnish dehydrate perfectly ripened, fresh, oranges which concentrates the fruit’s delicious flavour and aroma while making them shelf stable. Reduce waste, reduce cost, and reduce workload. Moistening them releases the fruit’s full essence so add their unexpected look and appealing chewy texture to a Rusty Nutcracker or Tequila Sunrise. Finish off a citrusy Sangria or traditional Screwdriver. Roast them with sweet potatoes and pork tenderloin or cut them into small pieces and add to a cranberry orange walnut bread or orange scones.

Add character and style to your next cocktails by including these freeze dried Orange Rounds. Dehydrated fruits bring a new dimension to cocktails. Your guests and friends will be impressed by this garnish, and you’ll often find them snacking on the crunchy fruit at the end of their drink! Add a pop of color, nice citrus aroma, and flavor with the Fruiron Orange Rounds Cocktail Garnish.

  • 100g bag