Ms. Better's Bitters

Ms. Better's Black Pepper Cardamom Bitters


The Ms. Better's Black Pepper Cardamom Bitters are a blend screaming versatility highlighting the finest black pepper from the Malabar coast paired with fresh green cardamom. These two ingredients converse by showing you how they share aspects of one another in themselves. Versatile with a range of spirits, these premium made in Canada bitters will leave you with countless options.

The Ms. Better's Black Pepper Cardamom Bitters pair flawlessly with young whiskies, Campari, and Gin. Put a nice twist on Gin and Tonic or Negroni to take your favorite classic cocktails to the next level.

  • Made in Vancouver, BC
  • Excellent In Aperitif drinks, Sours and Gin & Tonic.
  • Ideal Spirit Pairings: Young whiskies, Campari and Gin.
  • Try it in: Gin & Tonic or Negroni!
  • Tasting notes: Fresh green and white cardamom, cracked black pepper, floral, earthy, sharp bite, high bitter.
  • Ingredients: alcohol 40%, organic cane sugar, natural flavour extract, botanical extracts, spices.
  • ABV 40%
  • 118mL / 4 oz bottle

Based in Vancouver, the father and daughter duo, Philip and Sam Unger, create unique bitters, and has developed the world's first vegan cocktail foamer. Their ingredients are local as well as organic, and the recipes are magnificently balanced, exciting, new and nostalgic.

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