Ms. Better's Bitters

Ms. Better's Pineapple Star Anise Bitters


The first notes from these Ms. Better's Pineapple Star Anise Bitters bring to mind the juicy sweet taste of pineapple straight off the grill; one can't help but be transported to a beach surrounded by lush forests. The finishing notes introduces a touch of star anise for the perfect combo. The result is a versatile and bright cocktail bitter.

Excellent in Tropical drinks. Ideal Spirit Pairings: Rum, Cachaca and Pisco. Try it in drinks that traditionally call for Peychaud's, absinthe 'rinse' or "Tiki-style" cocktails.

  • Made in Vancouver
  • ABV 40%
  • Use in sours, gin fizzes, vodka and white rum, tiki cocktails, and to complement orgeat and cucumber.
  • Tasting notes: fresh and grilled pineapple, burstingly juicy, caramelized fruit aroma, fresh anise and fennel greens, highly sweet but balanced, mid acidity, light bitterness, tingling finish.
  • 118 mL / 4 oz bottle

Based in Vancouver, the father and daughter duo, Philip and Sam Unger, create unique bitters, and has developed the world's first vegan cocktail foamer. Their ingredients are local as well as organic, and the recipes are magnificently balanced, exciting, new and nostalgic.

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