Nova #8 Short Wine Corks

$180.00 $200.00

These Nova Cork stoppers are the the ultimate choice for contemporary winemakers

The Nova #8 Short Wine Corks are made in the heart of Portugal's finest craftsmanship regions and a premium-grade cork, not a cheap knock-off. This cork embodies advanced technology combined with tried-and-tested materials. Particularly tailored for early consumption wines, it captures the essence of winemaking, ensuring that every bottle opened delivers its promise of taste and quality. These corks are far superior to other brands and versions of #8 short corks.

  • #8 short cork
  • Optimal Dimensions: Precision measurements of 38 mm (1.5 inches) length and 22 mm (0.87 inches) diameter.
  • Specifically crafted for wines with a consumption span of 2 years.
  • Advanced Composition: Incorporating agglomerated cork with cutting-edge elements for superior performance.
  • Exceptional Physical Properties: Achieves a density spectrum of 290 to 40, limits water absorption to 40%, maintains compression force between 80 to 20, and boasts a remarkable 96% in dimension recovery.
  • Crafted with unmatched precision in Portugal, ensuring unmatched quality.
  • Includes 1000 corks


FAQ’s on these corks:
Q: What sets this cork apart in the world of winemaking? A: Our Nova Cork #8 Short Stopper, from Portuguese craftsmanship, is meticulously tailored for wines meant for earlier consumption, blending traditional materials with modern technology.

Q: Will this cork maintain the wine's authenticity? A: The agglomerated blend ensures the wine's character remains uncompromised, maintaining its intended flavour profile.

Q: Is this cork compatible across various wine bottles? A: It's crafted for optimal fit with bottles that align with its specifications, predominantly early-consumption wines.

Q: How does it ensure almost perfect dimension recovery? A: The amalgamation of quality materials with the latest technology provides a commendable 96% dimension recovery, promising longevity and efficiency.

Q: Where are these corks manufactured? A: These top-tier cork stoppers are a product of Portugal's rich and timeless craftsmanship.