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Replacement Wine Bag with Tap

$2.50 $4.00

This Replacement Wine Bag with Tap comes with a non-drip dispenser tap, is pre-sanitized, and ready to fill with your favorite wine. Each bag is 4L and fits perfectly in the popular Wine Poke and cardboard wine boxes. These replacement wine bags are easy to fill with just standard wine equipment: remove the black tap from the bags and fill through the hole, using standard siphoning equipment (racking tube, hose, pinch clamp, and bottle filler).  Your wine is dispensed through the tap which prevents air from entering the packaging during dispensing. 

As wine is poured, the bag collapses preventing air from entering. Perfect for wines you typically drink within a year or less. Store wine in a cool, dark place. Do not overfill the bags or they will be more difficult to load into a dispenser.

  • 4L capacity
  • Each bag includes a VITOP spout
  • Off-centred hole
  • Pre-sanitized
  • Coated for oxygen barrier to keep your wine fresher, longer.