Sombre & Amer

Sombre & Amer Febris Coffee Bitters


The Sombre & Amer Febris Coffee Bitters are infused with high-quality dark coffee beans. Its coffee, molasses, black pepper and dried fruit notes are stimulating and comforting. These aromatic coffee bitters are fond of darker spirits, and pair especially well with cognac and rum cocktails.

Sombre & Amer create bitters and potions that complement beverages by giving them flavor, complexity and richness. Their bitter druids are located in the city of Montreal, Canada, where they create recipes based on the tradition that have established apothecaries, herbalists, and bon vivants of old. Their products are hand-crafted with herbal tinctures, spices, and natural ingredients and contain no artificial flavorings.

    • 100mL bottle
    • 38% ABV
    • Comforting notes of molasses, pepper, and dried fruit
    • Natural tinctures
    • Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada


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