Pur Cocktail Co.

Strawberry Meyer Lemons Cocktail Garnish


Lemon and strawberries complement one another so well. The delicate fresh flavour of BC strawberries pairs so beautifully with the sweetness of Meyer Lemons to create this Strawberry Meyer Lemons Cocktail Garnish.

These garnishes make for a deliciously beautiful cocktail or mocktail garnish, and equally as nice for a charcuterie board or to enhance your water. The uses for these in both beverages and in other culinary pursuits is endless. With so many ways to use them, you'll find yourself enjoying them in all kinds of drinks or culinary creations. Even as a delicious snack you cannot go wrong with these beautiful Meyer Lemon & Strawberries.

  • 50G Bag
  • Approximately 22-25 Strawberry Lemon wheels per bag
  • Ingredients: Meyer Lemon, Strawberries
  • PUR Craft Cocktail Dried Garnishes are crafted in small batches
  • Contains no sugar, preservatives, or coloring.
  • Vegan and NON-GMO.
  • Made in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.

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