ABC Crafted Series

Sulfur Sticks for Wine Barrels

$1.50 $3.00

Unlock the true potential of your wine and craft creations with these European-crafted Sulfur Sticks for Wine Barrels. Designed meticulously for wineries, craft enthusiasts, and professionals pressing fruits and grapes, these sulfur strips ensure your barrel's interior remains uncontaminated, letting your creations age to perfection.

Sulfur sticks are used when your barrel is empty (no liquid inside it) to prevent vinegar bacteria from forming. You want to use one stick per month when the barrel is not in use. Light the stick, suspend it about half way into the barrel using wire or other non-combustible material, and loosely insert the bung. After 5 minutes, remove the sulfur stick (being careful to not burn yourself), and firmly insert the bung. Thoroughly rinse the barrel before using it again.

  • Optimal Size: Measuring 8.66 x 0.12 x 1.18 inches, ensuring comprehensive barrel coverage.
  • Pure Sulphur: Crafted with 100% no-drip sulphur for maximum efficiency.
  • Convenient Design: Features a hole for effortless hanging inside barrels.
  • Multi-Purpose: Not just for barrels, but also suitable for sterilizing stacks of supers.
  • European Crafted: Precisely manufactured in Poland for unmatched quality.


Q: How do Sulphur Strips benefit the winemaking process? A: They sterilize wooden barrels' interiors, ensuring uncontaminated wine and spirits aging.

Q: How frequently should I use the strips? A: For optimal results, repeat the process every four weeks.

Q: Can these strips be used for other sterilization purposes? A: Absolutely! They can also be used to sterilize stacks of supers to prevent pollen from going mouldy.

Q: Is the sulphur safe for my barrels? A: The strips are made of 100% pure, no-drip sulphur designed specifically for barrel sterilization.

Q: How many strips are in a pack? A: You can choose to purchase a single strip or a 12-pack.

Q: Where are these strips made? A: Proudly crafted and perfected in Poland, ensuring top-tier European quality.

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