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The Bitter Truth Bogart's Bitters

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Bogart's Bitters was the first ever mentioned bitters in the very first cocktail book published in 1862 by world-famous bartender Jerry Thomas – a name, synonymous with the first golden age of the cocktail. The Bitter Truth have spent much time in investigating the subject over the last 10 years and is in possession of a super rare original bottle – one of the only known bottles to have survived with genuine remaining contents, bottled around 1900. Buy your own bottle of The Bitter Truth Bogart's Bitters and experience a historically great bitter.

The common belief is that Bogart’s was a kind of misspelling of Boker’s Bitters at that time. Before other bitters appeared in cocktail recipes around the world, there was Bogart’s/ Boker’s. A beautifully balanced and versatile cocktail bitter, it was even called for by name in the first Martini recipe, printed in 1888, where one was instructed to use “genuine” Bogart’s/Boker’s, indicating that this most popular bitters had weak imitations floating around.

Sold in the iconic "lady leg" amber bottle with cork, along with a complimentary embossed dasher bottle to decant into.

  • A very rare and limited 19th-century style replica bitters
  • Tasting Notes: a beautiful mix of dark spice, chocolatey coffee, and European herbs
  • ABV 42.1%
  • 350mL / 11.8 oz bottle
  • Made in Germany
  • Includes a free bitters bottle!


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