The Japanese Bitters

The Japanese Bitters - Sakura


The Japanese Bitters Sakura bitters are hanami in a bottle. In Japan, the ability and art of appreciating spring (sakura) is known as hanami. These bitters are a delicate, fresh bouquet of spring blooms, marrying fresh cherry blossom buds with subtly woodsy notes and herbs. Use with a Wine Spritzer, Gin & Tonic, elderflower cocktails and sake.

Sakura, the key ingredient, is a blend of natural cherry petals and leaves. The Japanese Bitters company carefully select only those that are both grown naturally and without pesticides. The variety of cherry blossoms used in these bitters are Yae Sakura (Sekiyama Sakura), which blooms in southern area of Nagano prefecture. Sakura leaves are the leaves from Yae cherry blossoms, which blooms in Izu, pickled with the natural salt from the ocean.

Sakura is the Japanese term for cherry blossom trees. Cherry blossom trees are different from other cherry trees. The main difference is that cherry blossom trees don’t produce fruit. Instead, they bloom with beautiful pink or white flowers each spring. Cherry blossom trees are an icon of Japan. Some people even call the cherry blossom Japan’s informal national flower!

  • 100mL (3.4oz) glass bottle
  • ABV: 27%
  • Flavour Profile: Cherry blossom, yellow cherry flesh, anise, salinic, rich, cardamom, cinnamon, cedar aroma, subtly floral, very mild bitterness.
  • Ingredients: Neutral spirits (local), Sakura flower, Sakura leaves
  • Made in Japan


    Japanese Sakura Bitters: 3-4 dashes
    Dry Gin: 30mL
    Top up with tonic


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