The Red Goat

The Red Goat Extreme Caffeine Ground Coffee

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Energize your day with a smooth cup of powerful coffee.

For the avid coffee lover comes an experience like no other: The Red Goat Original Ground Coffee. Dive into a realm where the intensity of caffeine meets the elegance of an ultralight roast. Unveiling a unique blend, this The Red Goat Extreme Caffeine Ground Coffee offers an unexpected smoothness while promising a caffeine kick that surpasses the ordinary. With over five generations of roasting mastery, Red Goat's facility has meticulously chosen roasted beans to curate this extraordinary blend. Every sip brings forward the essence of a rich black coffee, setting it apart in both strength and taste.

  • Ground Coffee
  • Supreme Caffeine Punch: Revel in a caffeine intensity that stands above the rest.
  • Smooth Ultralight Roast: Bid adieu to bitterness and welcome a unique smoothness.
  • Five Generations of Mastery: Trust in their long-standing heritage of roasting expertise.
  • Crafted for Connoisseurs: A choice blend for those who demand more than an average brew.
  • 1 Cup = 6 Average Cups of Coffee
  • 17,000 UG/G Caffeine
  • 1 LB / 453 Grams Bag


Q: What sets this coffee apart from regular roasts? A: The Red Goat offers an ultra-caffeinated experience while maintaining an ultralight roast's smoothness, a rare combination in the coffee world.

Q: Is the caffeine level safe for daily consumption? A: While this coffee is high in caffeine, consuming responsibly and being aware of your caffeine tolerance is essential.

Q: What's the best way to brew The Red Goat? A: This coffee is versatile and can be brewed using your preferred method, though a French press or drip machine might best highlight its unique profile.

Q: How is the coffee packaged? A: It's securely packed in a 1 Lb | 16 oz | 453.6 g | 0.45 kg pack, ensuring freshness and flavour.

Q: Are there any additives or flavourings? A: No, The Red Goat is pure, ground coffee without any additives, offering an authentic coffee experience.