The Vintage Shop

Twin Lever Wine Corker


The Twin Lever Wine Corker has a unique spring mechanism that grabs the neck of the bottle and holds tight while the cork is inserted making for an effortless corking job every time. To operate, simply insert a cork into the plastic window and lower the handles. The depth of the cork can be adjusted by moving the 2 nuts on the top of the threaded shaft. This durable metal hand corker that is one of the easiest hand corkers to operate. This corker is higher-quality than nearly any other hand corker out there.

  • Easy to replace the legs.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Works best with 30 #8 x 1.5" Noma Corks with chamfered edges.
  • It also works with # 9 size corks.
  • Long handles provide good lever so corking is easy and not a painful task.
  • Design to take less space than other hand corker.
  • Folds compact for storage, unlike larger corkers.
  • All built in metal (except grips and legs).
  • Do not use Aseptox to sanitize the metal parts as this will corrode the metal.


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