Viski Alchemi Wine Stain Remover


Spills happen, but they don’t have to ruin your evening or your favorite shirt. Viski Alchemi Wine Stain Remover quickly removes red wine, juice, or other dark stains from clothing, carpets, furniture, and fabric. Stash this handy 4 oz. spray bottle in your bag or purse and you'll be ready the next time someone spills wine on your favorite dress.

Made with a proprietary enzyme blend and a natural fresh fragrance, the Alchemi Wine Stain Remover spray removes tough stains without ruining your clothes and smells good doing it. Perfect for happy hour accidents (we understand, things can get a bit sloppy after a few glasses during happy hour).

  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for traveling or a night out.
  • Directions: Gently blot stain with a napkin. Shake well, spray stained surface thoroughly, and let sit for 5 minutes. Spray again and blot. If the stain is not completely gone, repeat the process. To remove any lingering marks, apply a small amount of liquid detergent to the stain and wash item. Do not dry if stain remains or it may set permanently. Particularly strong stains may need repeated treatment.
  • Ingredients: Water, proprietary enzyme blend and natural fragrance
  • 4oz/118mL Bottle Size


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