Wild Folk

Wild Folk Non-Alcoholic Vermouth Spritz

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The Wild Folk Non-Alcoholic Vermouth Spritz has wonderfully balanced bitter and sweet notes (much like life), the harmonious blend of herbs and botanicals will open your palate or settle your stomach after a meal. This alcohol-free Vermouth Spritz cocktail is sure to spur a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

Wild Folk beverage company is founded by Dalia Kohen, who previously owned The Coup in Alberta (wildly popular restaurant in Calgary; google it if need be). Wild Folk's first two blends were inspired by non-alcoholic cocktails that Dalia had crafted at The Coup and raved about my her patrons. Each sip playfully reminiscent of classic cocktails and are meant to invoke meaning without compromising a clear head. Locally sourced ingredients and earth-friendly practices keep their small-batches rooted in integrity.

  • Tasting Notes: Ginger, Chamomile, Hops, Coriander, Cinnamon and Basil. 
  • Great on it's own with a large ice cube or as a mix
  • Origin: Alberta, Canada
  • 0% Alcohol
  • Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugars (cane sugar*), vegetable glycerine*, rhubarb*, grapefruit rind*, star anise*, rosehip*, juniper*, orris*, angelica*, orange peel*, orange rind*, spices*, herbs, citric acid, potassium sorbate. *Organic. Vegan, nut-free & gluten-free.
  • 250mL can size
  • 4-Pack (each pack includes 4x 250mL cans)


Barkeep General Store, located in Penticton, BC and online, is a proud retailer of Wild Folk alcohol-free cocktails.